Ultimate Guide To Strawberry Picking Around Brisbane

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8 minutes Aug 13th, 2021
fresh, red, juicy strawberries

Australia has the perfect climate for growing some of the juiciest and most delicious strawberries, especially in the warm coastal areas of Queensland. Visiting a strawberry farm to pick your own strawberries is also a great idea when you’re wanting to explore the outer regions of Brisbane, spend a day outside in the sun with the family, or take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. So, here is your ultimate guide to strawberry picking near Brisbane and where to find the best strawberry farms!

To ensure that you have the best experience, here are some essential tips to remember before you set out on your strawberry picking adventure:


What Month Is Best For Strawberry Picking?

For the best times to go strawberry picking, between the months of October and May is when you’ll want to go. These months are typically when strawberries are ready to harvest in warmer, subtropical areas like the Sunshine Coast. However, make sure to check with the strawberry farm you’re visiting for any specific season dates.

What Do You Wear When Strawberry Picking?

You don’t have to dress in overalls and a straw hat, but you’ll want to wear the appropriate clothing since you will be on a farm. To make it easier on your feet, wearing comfortable, closed-toe shoes or a pair of gumboots is perfect. Since you’ll be spending time out in the sun, wearing sunscreen is a must, especially in Queensland! Dressing in an old pair of jeans, a long-sleeve shirt and a sun hat (or any hat that covers the back of your neck and face) is also important, otherwise you might end up looking redder than the strawberries you’ll be bringing home.

Can You Eat The Strawberries While Picking?

It’s very important to understand that you cannot eat the strawberries that you pick until you have finished and paid. Some farms, like LuvaBerry Farm, can have designated sections for eating what you pick out in the field, but as there are only so many strawberries to go around, you will have to refrain from eating them until afterwards. Also, it’s always best to wash your picked strawberries before you eat them.

What Is The Best Way To Pick Strawberries?

If you haven’t picked strawberries before, they are fragile and can bruise easily, so make sure you are gentle when handling them. If you do end up bruising some, just make sure to eat those strawberries first as they will degrade faster.

To pick strawberries like a pro, look for the fully coloured ones and simply grab the stem, making sure it’s between your thumbnail and index finger. Start lightly twisting and pulling, and the strawberry should then separate from the stem and roll into your hand. Also, aim to go in the morning when the weather is nice and cool.

What To Bring When Strawberry Picking?

Even though most strawberry farms will have a cafe or a place where you can buy drinks, it’s important to bring a bottle or two of water along with you as picking strawberries is thirsty work. Having cash on you is also a good idea in case the farm you’re visiting doesn’t accept cards.

As you’ll want to enjoy the fruits of your labour (no pun intended) once you get home, bringing along an esky or a portable cooler to have in the backseat will ensure your strawberries stay cool and fresh during the trip home.

Now that you’re all set, here are the best places for strawberry picking near Brisbane:

Chambers Flat Strawberry Farm, Chambers Flat

strawberries being put into a punet

Chambers Flat Strawberry Farm is well-known for offering families fun, hands-on farming experiences, and of course, their vast rows of mouth-watering strawberry plants! Their PYO season is during August, September and October, but call ahead to confirm before you visit.

Once you’ve purchased a punnet from their farm shop, you’re free to venture out into their huge strawberry fields and start picking! Entering the ‘pick your own field’ section is $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 3 and up, and free entry for little ones under 2 years old.

After you’ve collected your bounty, you can relax on their grassy area outside the farm shop or grab a picnic table and enjoy a chocolate-coated strawberry with a scoop of their blended ice creams. There’s also a play area for kids complete with a sandpit, play fort and slide.

Hours: 9am to 5pm, 7 days a week.
Website: Chambers Flat Strawberry Farm
Address: 912 Chambers Flat Rd, Chambers Flat QLD 4133

Cooloola Berries, Wolvi

a man holding a bucket of strawberries

Offering both strawberry and blueberry picking options, Cooloola Berries is definitely one farm that you need to check out. Their PYO strawberry fields, open through June to the end of October, offer a fun experience wandering through rows of strawberries with up to 10 different varieties to try including fortunas, grenadas, ruby gems and more!

Cooloola Berries also offers the perfect way to kick back and relax after all that hard work at their café, which has a full menu featuring big breakfasts, burgers, cheese boards, chocolate tapas and their own strawberry cider! Their paddock is also the perfect place to take photos of the incredible beauty of the surrounding hinterland.

Apart from catering to large groups and parties, Cooloola Berries also caters to weddings, providing the perfect wedding venue with its intimate and romantic atmosphere. For a fun-filled strawberry picking experience, definitely give Cooloola Berries a visit!

Hours: 8am to 5pm, 7 days a week
Website: https://www.cooloolaberries.com.au/
Address: 856 Tagigan Rd, Wolvi QLD 4570

LuvaBerry Farm, Wamuran

juicy strawberries in a container

As a family farm that prides itself on treating their visitors and staff just like one of the family, LuvaBerry Farm is one of the friendliest and most unique strawberry farms you will find near Brisbane! With a strong dedication to collaboration, they are heavily involved in working with many local businesses in their efforts to fight the war on waste.

Unlike most strawberry farms, LuvaBerry offers their own unique spin on picking your own strawberries called ‘Peckish Picking’. They understand just how tempting it is when surrounded by delicious strawberries, so you’re allowed to eat the strawberries while you’re out in the fields. Just make sure you book in advance to secure a spot as there are limited numbers per session. Also be sure to check their website for up-to-date prices for adults and children. You will receive a 500g eco box for you to fill up, and if you want to haul a larger bounty, strawberries are weighed and priced by the kilo.

There’s also so much to do at LuvaBerry Farm than just picking strawberries! You can take a complimentary tour of the farm, which is held every weekend, and learn about the farm’s unique history, their fusion farming technique and explore their finger lime orchard. Kids will enjoy playing with Panda, their farm pup, while adults can enjoy their Art & Dine class or Sunday Yoga & Breakfast workshop in their stunning Immaburra Gardens. LuvaBerry Farm is definitely not your average strawberry farm!

Hours: 9am to 5pm Saturday & 9am to 4pm Sunday
Website: https://luvaberry.com.au/
Address: 65 Ziviani Rd, Wamuran QLD 4512

McMartins Strawberry Farm, Bli Bli

the front sign for McMartins Strawberry Farm

Right next door to the Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary in Bli Bli is where you’ll find the beautiful McMartins Strawberry Farm. Starting in 1945, this family-run, 56-acre farm is a dedicated PYO (Pick Your Own) strawberry farm and also grows sugar cane, custard apple trees, fig trees and lychee trees.

Once you’ve collected your punnets from the gift shop, their friendly staff will let you know which picking fields to go to and you can begin picking your very own strawberries from their 320 000 strawberry plants! After you’ve filled your punnet, they’ll be weighed, priced and then ready to eat – once you’ve washed them. But some of the best strawberry fields is not all you’ll find at McMartins Strawberry Farm.

There’s a fun playground for kids, and their café has an extensive menu featuring their award-winning fruit ice creams that are made on the premises and are absolutely delicious! They also offer a variety of strawberry-inspired treats such as sundaes, smoothies, and their incredibly popular loaded pancakes topped with their award-winning ice cream, chopped fresh strawberries and drizzled with strawberry syrup.

Hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm, 7 days a week
Website: https://www.mcmartinsfarm.com.au/
Address: 105 Sports Rd, Bli Bli QLD 4560


As a fun day out underneath the warm sun in the fresh air, picking your own strawberries is a unique experience worth checking out at least once in your life. If you’re looking for the perfect excuse to escape the city, spend some quality time with the kids or sample some incredibly fresh and delicious fruit straight from the farm, then book a strawberry picking trip at one of these awesome Brisbane strawberry farms!