Veriu Fast-Track

Hotel Management Program
Welcome to Fast-Track

Veriu Group’s Management Trainee Program, Veriu Fast-Track, was developed to harness our incredible internal talent by creating a framework that supports and accelerates the careers of our team into hotel management. Through the program, you’ll learn to become a Business Operator, and ultimately responsible for the commercial success of your allocated hotel.

During the program on a daily basis, you’ll become a Junior Hotel Manager working towards:

  • Driving revenue to your business through your own local sales activities.
  • Understanding, managing and reporting on your business’ Profit & Loss Statement.
  • Driving the shared service resources available to you to get the most favourable commercial outcomes for your business; And
  • Taking full ownership of the end-to-end management of the business at a property level.
*Applications for this program are only open to current team members at The Veriu Group, so we encourage you to check our vacancies and join our team for 6 months to be eligible for Veriu Fast-Track.
The role of a Hotel Manager is so much more than managing operations.

And through this program you’ll learn exactly what that means.

Program outline

When your Fast-Track Program commences, you’ll be promoted into the role of Junior Hotel Manager for the duration of your participation.

Over the 12-months of the program, you’ll progress through 3 stages, each with a different core learning focus, while taking full accountability of the performance of your hotel. You’ll partner with a variety of different people in each stage to develop working knowledge in various areas of hotel management to position yourself ready for the assessment at the end of each stage. The passing of these assessments enables you to move through each stage and be appointed as Hotel Manager at the completion of the program.

Core Focus
1 - 4 Months

Veri-Best Compliance

Learn to manage the end-to-end commercial operations of your hotel in alignment with our operating framework.

Passing of a Veri-Best Audit

5 - 8 Months

Corporate Office Acumen

Connect with our shared services and develop working knowledge of their specialist areas, including HR, Marketing, Revenue, Sales, Finance and Property.

Passing of a Veri-Best Audit
Completion of competency training

9 - 12 Months

Commercial Reporting

Develop and present a high standard Business Review and Plan to your reporting manager, our Group CEO and our Group Director of Operations.

Passing of a Veri-Best Audit
Successful Business Plan Presentation

Program Outcomes
Upon the successful completion of the program, you’ll be ready for appointment as a Hotel Manager in one of our vacant hotels. This could be the hotel in which you completed your Fast-Track Program in, or another property entirely. We’ll match you with the best opportunity available.
Your Support
How you can be supported in the Fast-Track program.
You will be allocated an “up-skiller” who will provide coaching and training to you in majority of your competency requirements. They’ll spend the most time with you and make sure you understand the full scope of Hotel Manager responsibilities.
We have an amazing cohort of Hotel Managers across our team, and we’ll select one to be your mentor throughout the program. The role of a mentor is to share information about their own career path, as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modelling.
Our Corporate Office team is made up of several shared services departments such as Property, Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, Revenue, Central Sales & Reservations, and Maintenance. You’ll spend time with each of these departments during the program, so that you learn directly from the subject matter experts in each of these areas.
During the program, you'll be guided by your reporting manager who has a wealth of knowledge and will continue to support your growth and development after the completion of the program even when you're appointed as a Hotel Manager.
Salary Structure and Conditions

As a Junior Hotel Manager, you’ll be subject to fixed incremental salary increases as you pass through each stage of the Fast-Track Program.

You must be open to relocation interstate for career growth, must be a current Veriu Group team member with 6 months tenure, and must be a self-motivated person who is aligned with our values of being Relationship-focused, having a strong sense of Integrity, operating with an Ownership Mindset and being driven about your Personal Growth.

Veriu & Punthill People are encouraged to apply for Veriu Fast-Track by completing an internal application form (found on your Zambion Kiosk homepage).

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