The Best Coworking Spaces in Melbourne

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Emmelyn Khoo Marketing Executive
15 minutes Mar 5th, 2022
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If you are a freelancer or small business owner that works from home, sometimes you need to get out of your own bubble. Whether meeting with clients, collaborating with other businesses, networking, or simply talking to another human being throughout the day, coworking spaces can be a necessary requirement.

We’ve made a list of the best Melbourne coworking spaces that will help you participate in a community of business professionalism, provide the opportunity to connect with other individuals and enjoy a place to focus that is away from the kids or laundry duties.

Coworking spaces can also provide much-needed bursts of creativity or alternative solutions to business problems. So, read on for the best shared office space Melbourne can offer, put on some pants for once, and leave the house!

Why Consider a Co-Working Space?

Along with having a more professional space to meet with clients or peers, coworking spaces are great for networking. They expose you to chances and opportunities where a casual conversation could lead to more work.

They can also be much more cost-efficient than renting an office, which comes with extra costs (especially if you fill it with employees who need their coffee). Coworking spaces include everything you’ll need at one monthly rate but with flexible agreements.

While the home office can be great (and beneficial), having a comfortable and efficient workspace to visit from time to time keeps things fresh, help with work-life balance and changes up your scenery. Apparently, that can be as good as a holiday.

You would think that a place as progressive as Melbourne would be well equipped for the modern way of working that requires coworking spaces, right? Well, you would be correct. There is no shortage of options and we’ve found the best of the best to help you find the right option for your needs.

HUB Australia

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One of the larger coworking chains in Australia is HUB, which has a range of locations around Melbourne to choose from. Their Southern Cross location is the largest coworking space in the capital and is positioned right across from the train station.

The HUB locations around Melbourne include:

They are well-suited to individuals or small teams, offering printing facilities, bike racks, a shower, kitchen, and a cafe accessible from 9 am – 5 pm.

Price: $400-850/ month

DeskPlex Hawthorn

three women sitting around discussing work at deskplex in hawthorn

For something a little more stylish, opt for DeskPlex on Church Street in Hawthorn. This place is doing it for the ‘gram with a camo carpet, black walls and exposed ceilings, creating an innovative feel that will impress anyone you invite down for a coffee.

As a bonus, DeskPlex has a fully equipped gym, pool, sauna, outdoor deck with sunbeds, billiards table and wood-burning fireplaces. That’s right, is this a coworking space or just somewhere you’ll want to hang out? After work drinks here are taken to a whole other level.

Price: From $550/Month

The Circle

three people working together in a coworking space in collingwood

The Circle in Collingwood is built around the ethos that being in the right circle of people is the key to success. We don’t disagree, and this modern space conveniently located in central Collingwood helps to make that happen.

There is an on-site gym, arcade area, and zen room for some downtime. This pet-friendly space even has its own photography room for graphic designers/photographers who need a new space to shoot.

Price: $370-$730/month

United Co.

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Located on Smith Street right in the middle of Fitzroy, United Co. is a business centre that offers private offices, \co-working spaces, virtual offices and areas for meeting and event hire.

They have a concierge to welcome your guests, an on-site licenced cafe, gym and yoga studio, table tennis table and in-house IT support. You can access this space from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm during the week, then head out to enjoy the fun of Smith Street afterwards!

Price: Starts from $99/month

Price: $370-$730/month

The Cluster

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The Cluster on Queen Street in the CBD features Australia’s first coworking Penthouse if you really want to impress, but it also has shared work areas and private offices. For something bigger you can access their venue spaces, boardrooms and meeting rooms.

They run a range of social and networking events and investor networks to help you expand your business, along with receptionists and IT support. The best part about the Cluster, however, is its incredible views. According to the Huffington Post, The Cluster is “Australia’s Leading Coworking Space” – so there you have it.

Price: Starts from $130/week

The Arcade

a man working away at the arcade coworking space in melbourne

This coworking space is specifically for video game designers. A Not-For-Profit, collaborative workspace that game developers and creative companies can use to collaborate and discuss game technologies.

The Arcade features meeting rooms, Wi-Fi, kitchen facilities and a communal lunch area. It may be somewhat niche, but you’ll want to spend some time here if you work in this industry.

Price: Starts from $36/day


a render of the coworking space named spaces in melbourne

Spaces have over 425 locations worldwide, and four of those are in Melbourne. Each site offers contemporary designer interiors and the option to become a Spaces Business Club member.

Membership gives you access to industry and business-relevant events for networking opportunities. The following Spaces locations are available in Melbourne:

Price: $348-550

The Thrive Network

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Thrive offers a professional space with high-speed Wi-Fi, small to medium meeting and board rooms and conference facilities. While there are no pinball machines or graffiti-laden walls, Thrive is the space for those who want to present a more straightforward professional image while still enjoying a collaborative environment.

Price: Day Pass $45/Day, Flexible membership $300/Month


coworking chairs in

CreativeCubes has several office locations around Melbourne (Richmond, Hawthorn, South Melbourne), providing high-speed internet, 24/7 access, meeting rooms, kitchen and shower facilities, and a concierge in every location.

They can be found at:

Price: $70-700/ month

Revolver Lane

an exterior photo of revolver lane's coworking space in melbourne

What was once the Revolver Music Arcade on Chapel Street has been converted into a funky coworking space that encompasses around 1,000m². Revolver Lane features 15 offices, casual lounges, gallery and event space and private meeting rooms.

After office hours, the space is used for seminars, workshops, parties and launches, and you can always catch a new entrepreneurial event here. It’s a great spot to keep your finger on the pulse of Melbourne’s business happenings.

Price: Casual $300/Month, Permanent $500/Month


the interior of coworking space space&co

Space&Co. offers some great CBD locations with luxury amenities, a very helpful management team and comfortable surrounds. They are used by a range of industries, so if you want to break out of your sector, you’ll meet a range of people here.

Their locations include:

Price: $50-900

So you’ve had a big day of work in one of the above coworking spaces, and its time to knock-off, let off some steam and get to know your new cowork friends. We’ve got the perfect article for you then! Check out the best karaoke bars Melbourne has to offer and let your hair down, karaoke-style after work.