Over 100 years of history at Wentworth House

Step right this way

Walking through the doors of Veriu Central, you are overwhelmed by a sense of history and character. Reinventing this late 19th century building into a space that evokes new life and celebrates modern day living is what made this opportunity so unique.

lobby view at Veriu Central
lobby chairs at Veriu Central hotel
lobby chairs at Veriu Central hotel

Timeless style

At Veriu Central we value heritage and are driven by our prime location at the point where Elizabeth Street meets Wentworth Avenue. The Wentworth House facade remains aesthetically distinctive with original remnants of the building’s characteristics still standing strong; including timber framed oval windows, twin arched balconies and the triangular-shaped rear courtyard.

75 Wentworth Avenue

We believe our story is what makes us, and for over 100 years Wentworth House has stood proudly on the corner of Elizabeth St and Wentworth Ave. Veriu Central has tastefully embraced its heritage while looking to the future and breathing life once again into its ongoing story.