Emmelyn Khoo

Marketing Executive |
Emmelyn Khoo

I was born in Malaysia and moved to Melbourne in 2007 to study at University of Melbourne majoring in Marketing and Management. Like any student, I did some part-time jobs in the hospitality industry ranging from events management to food and beverage as well as hotels, which developed my passion for the hotel industry. Upon graduation, I slowly moved toward a marketing career to further my skills and knowledge. Additionally, I have gained insightful experience in the fields of e-commerce and digital marketing on top of traditional marketing tasks, partnerships and PR.

When I’m not working, I spend most of my time cooking and looking after my crazy corgi dog Bowie with a blue eye. Apparently, my cooking is to die for according to familyandfriendsreviews dot com. I cook on a daily basis and will dine out on a few weekends. I generally look at the weather forecast and decide what to cook, for instance, if the week is looking icy, stews and noodle soups are in the game! But if I have to be Cooking Mama to host a dinner party, my specialty dishes are Malaysian ‘Golden Pillow’ curry chicken bun, laksa from scratch, not the ready-made paste kind, Hainanese chicken rice, roast pork belly, Char Kuey Teow, Taiwanese beef noodle soup, Japanese Tonkatsu ramen, truffled infused roast chicken, Moroccan lamb tagine and Texas-style smoked meats, yeah that’s right I don’t just do Asian. My go-to comfort food is this Malaysian noodle dish called ‘Pan Mee’, ask your best friend Google what’s that #youlearnsomethingneweveryday

I’m also a frequent traveller and have travelled across all continents of the world. I am lucky to be able to travel to Antarctica which was surreal and felt like I’m living through a David Attenborough’s documentary in person. My favourite destinations are Japan, Croatia, Faroe Islands, Kenya and Mauritius. I have been travelling solo and backpacking around the world for at least 7 years now, and one thing I learned is to stuff your password in the pillow while you sleep as a security measure. Oh and for the ladies, wear a fake ring on your finger pretending that you are married so that strangers will think twice before doing something dodgy. My most dangerous experience was taking a local overnight bus between cities in Bolivia and there were a couple of occasions I thought the bus would have fallen off the cliffs, glad that I’m still alive or unless I’m in Inception and will never recommend anyone else to do it ever.

My next bucket list destination will be Greenland and perhaps venturing to North Pole. After that, perhaps Mars?

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